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You can tell people all day long how fantastic your goods and brand are or you can advertise your brand on our London Tuk-Tuks and offer them samples and instantly let them find out the perfection for their selves! Sample promotions are tested, extremely successful marketing methods for food and drinks. Broaden your marketplace with a powerful, focused marketing and sampling strategy.  small contact

London TukTuk’s staff will work with you to produce the most successful and effective London Experiential marketing and/or sampling activities. Our product ambassadors and Tuk Tuk based testing operation will generate thousands of images on Londoner’s mind.

Consumers will take picture of your wrapped tuktuks and promote the images on social media, this is an excellent news for your brand! Tuktuks are the perfect vehicles for marketing meals and drinks.

Our extensive promotion service involves choosing ideal sites and timing, and product management services including receiving and storing.

Our helpful and fit staff take your message and/or samples straight to the roads with a smile.  Let our Tuktuks take your samples to the consumers!

Contact us to set up your marketing and sample promotion now.

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Tuk-tuk Hire in London
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