Tuk Tuk Advertising and Marketing in High Footfall Areas

Tuk Tuk Advertising

We can drive your message exactly where your potential customers are! Tuk Tuk Advertising campaigns can open new possibilities with new consumers. Auto Rickshaws can take your product to the areas that others can’t reach. We can take your brand to the commercial centers in London, to UK’s busiest commercial streets, Tuk Tuk Advertising  can reach your target group.

Tuk Tuk Advertising is very effective with purchasers, commuters, festival visitors, diners, students, vacationers, families and crowds… you name it and we will be there! London Tuk Tuks is part of many experiential marketing campaigns, our main focus is to assist customers to experience the brand and giving customers chance to be part of the experience!

Although conventional advertising and marketing, vocally and creatively communicates the brand idendity and product or service advantages, our Auto Rickshaw supported experiential campaigns involve buyers inside the campaign by participating as many human senses as possible. In this way, Motorized Rickshaw supported experiential marketing can include a wide range of other promotion techniques from sampling to guerrilla marketing and advertising.

The purpose of Tuk Tuk supported experiential marketing is to create an unforgettable and emotive link in between the customer and the brand idendity so that it may possibly create consumer loyalty and effect buying final decision.

Companies use London Tuk Tuks in a wide range of marketing and advertising practices to accomplish this emotive link with their customers. When it comes to how Branded Tuktuk promotion methods will be used, it relies upon more on the targeted group and the feelings that the product desires to connect with itself.

Companies most often use Tuk Tuks in marketing and advertising to boost and enhance a conventional promotion plan or to stand out at a popular event or convention. As online virality gets much more and more impact, a lot of companies have started performing Tuk Tuk supported experiential promotion activities.

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